JT Shim


What People Are Saying About JT Shim

I have had the pleasure of working with J.T. on a variety of projects over the years. I have never meet anyone more eager to continue their education and improve themselves more than J.T. He has pushed and inspired me over the years to be all that I can be. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself or a motivated person to help you get the job done, I highly recommend J.T
Abigail N. Allen CACP
Clinical Counselor at Anderson Oconee Behavioral Health Services
Dr. Shim is an empowering and inspiring coach with such a myriad of connections, networks, ideas and experiences. He was instrumental in putting me on the correct path to finding the networks I needed in my field; to updating my out-of-date resume, cover letter and references; to encouraging me to be able to sell myself in order to sound like a professional and not an amateur. Dr. Shim is truly a pleasure to work with and has such extensive life experiences that any type of person can learn something from conversing with him. His expertise helped to direct the advancement of my career in a new and unfamiliar city, in large part due to his valuable professionalism and priceless assistance. Dr. Shim is a good person who seems to truly care about other people and doing good. I hope to work with him again in the future!
Nancy Hoyt
Police Dispatcher at Austin Police department
JT has been invaluable to me and my career since day one of our introduction. JT immediately introduced me to several of his LI connections who were leaders in the school of business and technology at the University of Tampa. I was in awe because everyone worked together to help me develop several career options for me to pursue while I was transitioning from active duty. They worked to help me simply because they trusted JT and JT convinced them to care about me and my future. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to realize that JT had to be extraordinary in order to get even more professionals from different industry sectors all working together to help me achieve a desirable outcome. Bottom line, I could never say thank you enough to JT. I truly appreciate the fact that my successful career transition had much to do with me networking directly with JT. To this day, I still thank my lucky stars I was able to meet and know JT so early in my career transition.
Senior Security Consultant at PWC US Public Sector
J.T. is an outstanding mentor and coach. His dedication to client success is personal and top notch. J.T. asks the tough and important questions to make sure progress towards your goal is tactical and well planned. He treats your situation as though he were the one going through it and engages in helpful decision making. J.T. is 100% committed to your success. I absolutely recommend him as an adviser. Choosing J.T as your adviser is a phenomenal investment!
Matt Franz
Logistics Manager | MBA Candidate at Penn State University | Six Sigma Green Belt | U.S. Army Veteran
I have known J.T. Shim only a short while, and in that time he has moved mountains to help some people solve the most complex issues I've ever heard of. I like to call him the 'Global Fixer'. He cares deeply about people - particularly Veterans - and he is extremely generous with his time to connect the most fascinating experts to collaborate to solve complex problems with genuine compassion. I think he is, quite literally an interpersonal G-E-N-I-U-S. I am honored to know him and I am humbled to be part of a few groups collaborations to 'Fix Stuff'. Working with J.T. is always a fascinating journey.
Vanessa Machin Perez
Senior Recruiter at IM Flash
J.T helped me to improve my leadership skills and his coaching help me to implement projects more effectively. He is very passionate about his work and an excellent communicator. His motivation is contagious.
Tom Hanzlick, MBA, CPIM
Solutions Engineer at Dickinson + Associates
I have known J.T. for several years, with our professional relationship starting when we met at a community event. Since then, J.T. and I have had many interactions around research, community involvement, policy, government, and leadership. J.T. is one of the most passionate and steadfast people I have worked with to make our world a better place to live.
Jarrad Plante, EdD, CNP
Program Coordinator at university of central florida
J.T. Shim, PhD, MBA is the consummate connector and conversation catalyst! He has the gift of active listening and is able to identify opportunities for learning and success in short order. His curiosity and enthusiasm is infectious.
Julienne Ryan
Principal at J.Ryan Partners
Dr. Shim is a bright professional who is able to think through issues and contribute his unique perspective about them when working as a member of a team. He is also well informed and creative in the application of his knowledge. He is personable and a good listener. He is respectful and sensitive in his interactions with others. I have had the opportunity to interact with him both in class settings, group discussion settings, and in a one to one setting frequently. While many of our interactions have taken place after completing his PhD, our relationship started while he was completing his graduate education.
Walter Vyhmeister PhD
Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional
JT is incredibly stimulating and thought provoking. His insight is combined with an incredible breadth of experience and unique perspective. After speaking with him, I feel like I can see 360 degrees around my own situation, instead of being stuck in the weeds. I bring him my most difficult problems, because I always come away empowered to solve them.
Bryan Himes, MBA
Data Scientist, BI Architect, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
J.T. has provided me sage advice based on his superior knowledge of organizational structure and leadership. During our initial conversation he presented multiple courses of action for me to consider as I began navigating the proverbial uncharted waters of career transition. I strongly recommend J.T. if you are looking for a coach to guide you through your career, especially if you have specific goals and supportive skill sets. He can assist with fleshing out a path as well as present insight that very few can offer.
Robert L. Bee
Department Supervisor at lowes companies inc.
J.T. devotes his time and energy to coaching leaders. His interpersonal skills and business acumen are second-to-none. I find him to be authentic, warm, bright and committed. He has also taken the time to connect me with other professionals who can help further my goals. I am grateful for his passion, commitment, and ability to listen and come up with meaningful, results-oriented advice. He is the real deal!
Mary Remon
Healthcare Executive Coach at pulse 360 program